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DW Custom apparel is designed for casual wear, business branding and fundraising events. We believe in giving back to our community so with every fundraiser event we give back 20% to your non-profit. We have a wide variety of apparel styles to choose from. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, just contact us and we would be glad to accommodate you!
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Our Mission 

DW Custom Apparel got started with a vision of giving back to our community!
It is important to us that you not only feel good but look great at your event
It also means alot to us that you are passionate and excited about the cause that you are supporting. 
We are excited to bring your apparel to life supporting a cause that is passionate to you!

We also give back 20% of profits to your local charity/fundraising event

Fundraising Events

We work with you to accommodate your larger bulk orders for your special fundraiser. or corporate event. 
We offer embroidery, screenprint and heat applications.

Business Apparel

Benefits of Company Apparel

When you provide your employees with your brand on apparel you are creating a uniform brand awareness and improving your company’s bottom line.

Not only does it promote your company’s identity with a professional image, your logo on your apparel will also have a positive impact on your employees’ attitudes and work ethic.

Here’s Why………

Custom Apparel Promotes Team Identity

When a group of employees are wearing the same clothing they feel a sense of unity. It is also a cost effective way to boost collaboration and teamwork.

Custom Apparel Improves Employee Performance
When employees feel that they are part of a company it increases work motivation.  They are representing a brand, professionalism is increased.

Custom Apparel Improves Customer Interaction
Displaying your company logo on apparel makes identity much easier. This creates trust and comfort between a customer and employee.

Having your company logo on apparel is the same as having a team of walking billboards for a much lesser cost.
We have a variety of styles and colors to reflect your brand, from a simple t-shirt to Baseball Hats, Winter Toques, Jackets and Bags …….

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